Team Building

Team Building

One of the ultimate Challenges in UK sailing: The Fastnet 2011. Whilst not everyone’s cup of tea, the crews have to communicate effectively, understand their responsibilities and peform well as a team in order to succeed at this event. Flair V worked flawlessly as a team throughout in order to achieve the 674 miles in just over 4  days.

Take your staff away from their familiar surroundings and place them in a challenging environment where the need for planning, co-operation and, above all, TEAMWORK will be imperative for success.

Handling a powerful offshore yacht whilst manoeuvering in company with other yachts calls for good communication skills between skipper and crew, and the better the teams work together the greater their success will be.

We recommend that at least two identical yachts are used for these events, with up to ten people on each yacht. Unlike some operators, we only take as many people as there are jobs aboard to do! Our fully qualified skippers will be there to help and advise, but your staff will sail the boats themselves. The training will include sailing the yachts in race conditions, as well as other tasks designed to encourage teams to develop and bond. Sailing provides the ideal environment for TeamBuilding, where skill is more important than strength, and all the team members can contribute on equal terms. Above all, your staff will enjoy the healthy and attractive environment provided by sailing in the beautiful surroundings of Poole Harbour, the adjacent Jurassic coast or the historic waters of the  Solent.

Please contact us with your specific requirements so that we can tailor your event accordingly.

Call Jim on 07805 927 288 or email for more details.